About Me

Russell Dunn

Lead Developer

About me

I'm a Fullstack Developer in both MERN and PHP stacks. I enjoy being hands on with code and data, building out applications that bridge gaps with automation to minimise manual intervention. Always looking to better myself and stay ahead of the curve. Fast to adapt and ready to learn more. My cup is never full.


Sydney, Australia

What You Get

I’m highly motivated and strive to solve problems in the most effective and cost effcient manner. I try to be as logical as possible in everything I approach as well as look at things in a very analytical manner. Working as a Lead Developer I have gained valuable experience in quick decision making skills and can manage a team of developers including workload, task assignment and deployment schedule.

I’m very much a “Company Man” and if you give me the opportunity to work for you, I live and breathe my work place.

I bring along with me over 13 years of Web Development knowledge and experience with multiple CMS types and stacks as well as a wealth of Digital Marketing experience. I give everything to what I do as I want to be apart of a worthy and ethical company that helps further the well being of their clients.

What I’m Looking For

Simply put, a respectful and professional environment. I want to be part of a team that is excited about their work, and highly motivated to achieve their goals.


Work Experience

  • Lead Developer:
    Online Marketing Gurus August 2017 - Now
  • Front-end Developer:
    Online Marketing Gurus November 2015 - August 2017
  • Front-end Developer:
    Freelance ( Various Contracts )February 2012 - October 2015
  • Front-end Developer:
    NSW DET (VETAB) July 2007 - December 2011


  • Business Administration Certificate III - TAFE2007
  • Bachelor of Computer Science - WSU2006
  • Web Design Certificate IV - TAFE2004
  • HSC + Vocational Training in Information Technology Certificate II2003

Programming Skills

    Highly proficient in restructuring, editing and designing with HTML5 & CSS3 with the use of style preprocessing such as SCSS. I began my development career in Web Design and have followed industry trends and conversion rate optimisation closely as it's evolved over the last 10 years.
  • JavaScript / jQuery
    Although I focused heavily on jQuery in the early part of my career due to it's shorthand approach, I'm also comfortable with Vanilla Javascript (ES5/ES6). As listed below, I am comfortable building and launching MERN stack applications. Javascript is probably my favourite language due to it's extensible nature.
  • MERN Stack ( MongoDB / Express / ReactJS / NodeJS )
    Now that Node.js has started to dominate the space, I have moved heavily into MERN stack as I believe this is where the web will end up heading. MVC applications seem to be thriving and after React received an MIT License some years ago, I shifted my focus away from Angular.
  • PHP & Wordpress
    Up until recently, I used PHP for almost everything to do with API and application management (Pre MongoDB / MVC). It's a valuable and powerful language and I am very comfortable working with it. Wordpress making up about 60% - 70% of all the CMS's used on the internet means that it's a mandatory system to know. I am comfortable building, extending and working with it's core and custom functionality, post types, wigetised areas, menus, and theme building.
  • Google Services
    Due to my background in Didgital Marketing, tracking website and app performance is extermely important. As there as soo many Google Services, here is a list I am comfortable with:
    • Google Analytics (ga.js, analayics.js & gtag.js) - Event and Ecommerce Tracking, Cross Domain Tracking, Goals, View and Filter Setups
    • Google Tag Manager - Triggers, Tags, Custom Events and Custom Datalayer setups
    • Google Search Console - Website page indexing, sitemaps, robots.txt and overall index management
    • Google Data Studio - Custom reporting and data set setup via Analytics
    • Google Devloper Console & Firebase - Project setup, API enabling and usage, API access and Service Worker Accounts
    • Google APIS - AppScripts, Gmail, Google My Business, Analytics, Adwords, Google+, YouTube Data
    • Google Structured Data Test Tool + Google Data Highlighter
  • SEO
    Working as a Developer for in one of Sydney's top SEO agencies has given me valuable and proven skills in both Digital Marketing and SEO compliance. I have ranked a few sites of my own already applying what I know about SEO and Google's Guidelines. I am Also familiar with Facebooks Business Manager and running social media campaigns.
  • Backend / Server / Sys Admin
    Server setup and optimisation goes hand in hand with what I do, and a Frontend is only as good as it's Backend. I couldn't count how many websites I've rebuilt and migrated but I am comfortable setting up everything from cPanel / WHM right through to dedicated AWS servers running NGINX, Node.js, etc.
  • Task Management Software
    Task and time management are crucial to DevOps and I have used Asana, Teamwork, Trello and Jira. I've also developed applications using their APIs, some fun and some more management orientated for use in tracking KPIs and to show where bottle necks are.
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