Front End Developer in Rockdale

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Awesome, because I’m looking for a new employer. You may have found my website through various channels, but I’d like to get a few things out of the way:

  • I’m looking for Full Time Work (No Contracts)
  • I am not a designer. I can design but I’m not looking to design creatives for marketing purposes. I’m looking for strictly web based development.

I am currently employed for Online Marketing Gurus, which I have been a part of for over 3 years. The decision to move on is a difficult one as I have many friends there, but I feel that there is no further career progression. I would like to get back to full time development as also further my training in MERN stack technology. I love data and building dashboards and reporting around it. I also love building websites and custom functionality, working with APIs and learning new development processes and styles.

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