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Looking for web development services?

Awesome, because I’m always looking for a challenge. You may have found my website through various channels, but I’d like to get a few things out of the way:

  • I’m not looking for Full Time Work or Contracts ( Single Projects Only )
  • I am not a designer. I can design but I’m not looking to design creatives or wire frames for marketing purposes. I’m only interested in web based development.

I am currently employed as a Lead Developer for Online Marketing Gurus, and have been a part of the company for over 4 years, but have well over 13 years of professional web development experience. I am always looking to be a part of startup companies and other endeavours that have revolutionary and exciting web based projects. This is a fast moving industry, which is constantly changing and to be part of a new idea or technology is my main focus. Even more so when the project is centered around renewables and other environmental initiatives.

You can find more about my projects and experience by following the link below.

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